About Us

HY (Shanghai & Hong Kong) Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacture that specializing  in the production of high temperature alloy, corrosion resistant alloy,precision alloy and super stainless steel in shapes of bar, wire, sheet, tube, plate, strip, disc, ring and flange. They are widely used in petrochemical industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, Military, electronics, environmental protection, machinery and instruments, and other fields.

Careful Selection of raw materials, advanced production technology and equipment is the guarantee of excellent product. We carry out ISO9001;2000 quality system strictly, establish the entire production and semi-finished products quality control procedures to ensure that products meet the standard requirements.

Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority which we should achieve through Transparency in pricing and Excellence in performance, in respect to Quality, Delivery and Service. We will continuously strive to achieve higher and higher levels of Customer Satisfaction by effective deployment of all our resources. We highly value our responsibility to be customer friendly in all our activities.

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