Cobalt Alloy Stellite 1 UNS R30001


Short Introduction:

HY S1/Stellite 1/UNS R30001/ AWS A5.21 is a hardfacing alloy that possesses excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. Stellite 1 keeps its hardness at temperatures above 760C (1400F).

This material contains a high proportion of hard, wear resistant primary carbides. This alloy is well suited to applications involving extreme low=angle erosion and severe abrasion. Stellite 1 is more crack sensitive than the other Stellite grades. One should be careful to minimize the cooling stresses experienced during casting and hardfacing processing.

  • Fob price: US $ 25 - 80 / Kilogram
  • Min.order quantity: 300kg
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Payment terms: L/C,T/T,30% down payment after order, balance against copy of B/L
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    HY S1 Material grades and equivalents

    Stellite 1/UNS R30001 AWS A5.21 /


    Brand and No Carbon(Min-Max) Manganese(Min-Max) Sillicon(Min-Max) Chrom(Min-Max) Nickel






    Cobalt(Min-Max) Iron Other
    CoCrW3 2.00-2.70 1.00 1.00 29.0-33.0 3.00   11.0-14.0 Bal. 3.00 P.03MAX


    CoCrW4 1.00 1.00 1.5 28.0-32.0 3.00 1.50 12.5-15.5 Bal. 3.00  
    CoCrW6 .90-1.4 1.00 1.5 27.0-31.0 3.00 1.50 3.50-5.50 Bal. 3.00 P.04MAX



     Physical Properties

    Item. CoCrw3 CoCrW6 CoCrW12 CoCrW394 TTG25 TTG25 Blade


    Hardness 51-55 38-44 44-49 47-51 57-60 60-63 46.5-50
    Regular shape for all kinds of alloys
    Form Specification Supply Form Others
    Sheet Thickness:0.40-4.75mm,General Width:1000、1219、1500mm Whole Coil or piece of it Cold Annealed,Surface 2B、2E
    Plate Thickness:4.76-60mm,Width:1500、2000、2500mm,Length:3000、6000、8000、8500mm(Under 10mm plate can be coiled) Whole Coil or piece of it Single hot rolling,Solid solution annealed state,Surface 1D
    Belt Thickness:0.10-3.0mm,Width:50-500mm Whole Coil or Specified size Cold Annealed,Surface 2B、2E
    Bar & Rod Rolled barΦ5-45mm,Length≤1500mm Polished Bar(circle、Square) Solution annealing,descaling
    Forged barΦ26-245mm,Length≤4000mm
    Weld tube Outer diameterΦ4.76-135mm,Wall Thickness0.25-4.00mm,Length:≤35000 mm Base on your requirement
    Seamless Tube Outer diameterΦ3-114mm,Wall Thickness0.2-4.5mm Base on your requirement
    Wire Outer diameterΦ0.1-13mm Base on your requirement Ni & Ni alloy, Ti & Ti alloy
    Forged piece discs,rings,squares,blocks,slabs Base on your requirement Steel, Alloy
    Flangs All kinds of Flangs Base on your requirement Steel, Alloy
    Welding Material Coil wire Φ0.025mm-1.6mm Base on your requirement Certificate of Origin:America, Sweden, Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, France.
    Straight WireΦ1.6mm-4.0mm
    Welding rodΦ1.2mm-4.0mm
    Tube Elbow, three links, four links, different diameter size Base on your requirement Ni & Ni alloy, Ti & Ti alloy
    Explosive bonded laminate Raw Sheet Thickness≥2mm Base on your requirement Ni & Ni alloy, Ti & Ti alloy






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