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HY N90 Material grades and equivalents

Nimonic 90/GB GH90/ UNS N07090 / BS Nimonic90/ W. Nr. 2.4632

HY N90 characteristics and application fields of summary:

This alloy is aging strengthen ni-based deformation high temperature ally, with a high amount of cobalt and many kinds of strengthening element, this alloy in 815 ~ 870 °C have high tensile strength and contravariance ability, good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, cold and heat alternately repeatedly in under the action of a higher fatigue strength and good formability and weldability. Used for turbine engine turbine dish, leaf, high temperature fasteners, card hoop, seals and elastic components etc.

 HY N90 chemical ingredients: (GB/T14992-2005)

Alloy % Ni Cr  Fe Zr  B  Co C Mn Si  S  Cu  Al Ti
HY N90 Min Bal 18.0 15.0 1.0 2.0
Max 21.0 1.5 0.15  0.02 21.0 0.13 0.4 0.8 0.015 0.2 2.0 3.0

 HY N90 physical ability:

Heat transfer Rate
specific heat capacity
modulus of elasticityGPa shear elasticityGPa R
coefficient of linear expansion
8.2 1400 21.76(100°C) 225 12.7(20~100°C)

 HY N90 force ablity:

Heat treatment Tensile Strength σb/MPa Yield Strength σp0.2/MPa Elongationσ5 /% HB HBS
Solution treatment 820 590 8

 Nimonic90 process performance and requirements:

1, the alloy in forging easily produce inside crack, allow hammer blow, don’t allow low temperature chamfering. Ingot outfit furnace temperature is not higher than 700 °C, 1150 °C ± final heating temperature 10 °C, open forging not below 1060 °C temperature, and forging temperature not less than 950 °C.

2, the size of the average grain degrees of alloy forgings and deformation degree, eventually forging is closely related to the temperature.

3, alloy in solid solution state can be inert gas protection electric arc welding and tungsten very flash butt weld.

Regular shape for all kinds of alloys
Form Specification Supply Form Others
Sheet Thickness:0.40-4.75mm,General Width:1000、1219、1500mm Whole Coil or piece of it Cold Annealed,Surface 2B、2E
Plate Thickness:4.76-60mm,Width:1500、2000、2500mm,Length:3000、6000、8000、8500mm(Under 10mm plate can be coiled) Whole Coil or piece of it Single hot rolling,Solid solution annealed state,Surface 1D
Belt Thickness:0.10-3.0mm,Width:50-500mm Whole Coil or Specified size Cold Annealed,Surface 2B、2E
Bar & Rod Rolled barΦ5-45mm,Length≤1500mm Polished Bar(circle、Square) Solution annealing,descaling
Forged barΦ26-245mm,Length≤4000mm
Weld tube Outer diameterΦ4.76-135mm,Wall Thickness0.25-4.00mm,Length:≤35000 mm Base on your requirement
Seamless Tube Outer diameterΦ3-114mm,Wall Thickness0.2-4.5mm Base on your requirement
Wire Outer diameterΦ0.1-13mm Base on your requirement Ni & Ni alloy, Ti & Ti alloy
Forged piece discs,rings,squares,blocks,slabs Base on your requirement Steel, Alloy
Flangs All kinds of Flangs Base on your requirement Steel, Alloy
Welding Material Coil wire Φ0.025mm-1.6mm Base on your requirement Certificate of Origin:America, Sweden, Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, France.
Straight WireΦ1.6mm-4.0mm
Welding rodΦ1.2mm-4.0mm
Tube Elbow, three links, four links, different diameter size Base on your requirement Ni & Ni alloy, Ti & Ti alloy
Explosive bonded laminate Raw Sheet Thickness≥2mm Base on your requirement Ni & Ni alloy, Ti & Ti alloy

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